Main Application Area Of Graphene-T®
and Graphene-Super® in the Industries


Graphene-T® is used in the production of advanced Lead-acid batteries, offering significant performance improvements that were previously unreachable in conventional PbA Batteries, such as:

  • Considerably higher specific energy (for both sealed & flooded batteries).
  • Prolonged lifetime when operating on float charge.
  • Increased cycle lifetime, purely comparable to Li-ion electrochemistry.
  • Significantly improved PSoC and charge acceptance performance.
  • Higher specific power.
  • Increased deep cycle performance with reduced deterioration of negative plates.

Graphene-T® can be implemented cost-effectively at any Lead-acid battery manufacturing plant while utilizing the standard production lines and without the need for additional equipment.

Our goal is to commercialize new Lead-carbon energy storage technology by joining efforts with battery manufacturers around the world, and bringing GRAPH-ON innovation to the emerging energy storage market.

Graphen-Super® improves mechanical performance, thermal electricalconductivity, conductivity, and permeation barrier properties of a range of composites and formulations. The graphene layers are entirely disassociated ensuring good dispersion and ease of handling while providing the full performance advantages of graphene. BATTERY-SUPERCAPACITOR SENSOR, EECTRONICS, CONDUCTIVE INK MEMS

Graphen-Super® has been successfully implemented and is recommended for following areas. Although the main users are: Academic research centres, Defence laboratories AND Industries covering-Composite /Structural materials, Paint &Coating, Energy, Biomedical, Electronics!

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Nylon 6 RESIN [PA6]

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